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With its 5400-square-feet (500 square meters) fully restored living area, Casa a Rignano represents a valuable example of “Casa da Signore” (Lord’s House) of medieval origins. Part of the restoration works took place in the decade of the 1990s while the latest and most important works took place between 2004 and 2006. While the property has changed owners many times throughout the centuries, it has never been abandoned, maintaining its original aspect even today.

The main element of the Manor’s structure is the base of the old medieval tower which looks down on the internal courtyard and its columns on the ground floor and arches on both ground and first floor. The U-shaped structure facing south opens its view towards the Arno Valley. All of the areas are extremely comfortable and practical, presenting impressive care and refined taste in such details as the restored doors, doorknobs, windows and window blinds.

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